Anchor a gazebo with drilling into concrete

Anchor a gazebo with drilling into concrete

A gazebo gives your garden an extra sense of charm and whimsy. However, no good anchoring the gazebo can run a functional addition in a construction disaster. There are several ways to garden houses anchoring, but concrete is one of the most reliable. If you are planning your gazebo in an open area that is sensitive to the elements, you need to use concrete because it is the most stable way to secure the structure. Many people choose a concrete anchor no matter where the Garden Cottage is situated just so they have peace of mind.


Anchoring a Gazebo when you pour the Concrete

• Choose a location for your gazebo. Remember, the more the gazebo is exposed to wind and other elements, the more secure you want to secure it.

• Drill 1/2 inch holes in each gazebo leg for the threaded rods. The 24-inch rods are enough to have a stable base for your gazebo. Put about 10 centimetres of the bar in the gazebo leg.

• Dig a 14-inch hole for each gazebo leg.

• Pour approximately 12 centimeters of concrete into each hole. Mix your own concrete of cement and sand, or you buy premixed concrete and add water. Both of these options are viable and keep your garden shed.

• Secure your gazebo in the concrete holes and let the concrete dry.

• Landscape your garden so you can not see the concrete. The extra two centimeters may be you are in the concrete holes give you a chance for creative landscape architecture at the concrete pedestals to hide.

Anchor your Gazebo in a concrete slab

• Use a 3/16 inch concrete bit to a 1-inch hole to tap into each concrete for each leg.

• Insert a 3/16 inch pin grip concrete anchor through the hole at the end of each wall anchor plate, which is found on your gazebo. Hit the pin grip with a hammer to get it fixed.

• Turn on the pen grip into the holes in the concrete slab.

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