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Modern furniture: designing modern style house

Modern furniture: designing modern style house

Have you browsed through crowds of interior design magazines. You have covered kilometres, crossing both the corridors of megastores, is more intimate spaces of small furniture. Did you observe, with scrupulous attention, the furniture in the homes of relatives and friends.

Now you are well aware of what style you represent the most and is the perfect candidate to become the distinctiveness of your abode.

Ultimately, the House is the environment that welcomes us, protects, who knows everything about us, every little habit that reflects what we like, and even what we dream of doing. Buy the furniture is an important choice, almost like putting the ring on the finger of his girlfriend!

Modern furniture: tips and inspiration for decorating House modern style
Decorating a modern minimalist style means choosing elements rated abandon any reference to classical.
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5 trends and ideas to change your interior

5 trends and ideas to change your interior  1 – Dare the color!
Yes, a brush stroke can change everything!
Finished with white walls, this year, we will see more colors and glamorous room. The dark walls painted in black or gray will be the perfect backdrop for your metal or coloured accessories.
The walls pastel colours are also very trend this year. A band of color on the walls of your living room just to brighten up the appearance of your home.

2 – The vintage style
The nostalgic return to the 50s and 60s has influenced the style of dress, hair hairstyles, how to wear makeup and now even your interior can submit codes vintage.
Play on simple materials such as wood, metal, glass and brass and choose fresh and delicate colors. The help of wallpaper or curtains, you can adopt the geometric or floral motifs.
A floor lamp with a fabric Lampshade can give a sympathetic and quite retro look to your room.
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Modern Interior Design for Beginners

Modern Interior Design for Beginners  The search for a detailed and glamorous design has played an important role in the modern interior design. In recent years have changed the trends and the tastes of the people in the redesign of their homes and the influence of other cultures has contributed to some of these designs. The dynamics changed little by little into something that is based on the preference of the person.

The concept of modern interior design requires the implementation of creative and technical ideas applied to the visionary structure and finally, highlight the physical aspect of the design.

The idea consists in a specific type of graphics that should be visible in most of the places. Good design must perform some functions and not just because of personal preference.

The modern interior designs possess the characteristic of bright color: well-lit and spacious rooms. The idea of taking the maximum potential of the room is challenged by the latest trends in design and redesign.
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Tips for decorating the House with a lean budget

Tips for decorating the House with a lean budgetIt is no secret that running a project of architecture or interior design is not cheap. Even when you redecorate a room, only if you do not have planning and control, the value of the implementation can get to the moon. You will use porcelain, wood or vinyl floor? And the labor? What color will you paint your wall? Which the amount of paint you should buy? You’re going to buy new furniture? And the light fixtures, faucets and other accessories? Not to mention in paintings, rugs, decorative pieces. The idea of buying it all can be daunting, especially when the money is on the line. But calm down, for everything in this life there is a way. Separated here some tips that can help you leave your House look beautiful without spending a ton of money.

1. Plan (or design) before starting!
Keep one thing in mind, often following a planning or a project it’s easy to get lost, imagine doing this without any planning? Almost impossible! And for those who do not have a lot of money, get lost in the middle of the work is not a very nice thing, after all, no one wants to meet in a situation in which he found the perfect sofa and soon after discovered that the corner locker that had already been commissioned (and paid) will not fit in that space. A little legwork beforehand will dramatically reduce the likelihood of finding an unpleasant surprise like this along the way.

So, first of all, find your inspiration for the project. Look in magazines and on the internet to find the style you like best and identify. Study the details, find several examples to then break the project into its components: floors, furniture, painting, and decorative accessories. Look for stores to have a concrete idea about how much the cost components. Search! Be sure to take into account all the associated costs, such as hiring masons, fitters, freight, etc.
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Bathroom Shower Design

Bathroom Shower Design  The world of the bathroom decoration has undergone a change from the sea over the years. While people were met earlier with simple and practical designs for bathrooms, today, they realized that the visual appeal of a shower room is as important as its usefulness. Luxury and splendour can be embedded in a same bathroom, and this is what we’ll tell you how in this article. We have some ideas on how to design a glorious bathroom that will become the envy of all visit.

If a contemporary look you want for your bathroom, then the key is to use low voice in the design and decoration of the shower room. A simplistic design that will work best for the, no call for contemporary noise. Have a shower cabin with a glass door in the corner facing the door. Get a door clear glass for shower room, with a curtain hanging from the inside. The bathtub and the wash-basin can cope with the shower enclosure vertically. Wood and stone of light colour (cream, Brown or beige) are the safest materials and versatile that you can use for the decoration of the shower room. Make sure the sink (in the front of the bath) is huge and the counter of the sink runs through the length of the bath. For effect, a vase of flowers on the huge counter at any time. The flowers may be white, and also include a sheet or two for a bit of contrast. With regard to the storage, fenced and under the sink is the best option. It won’t take away something the general atmosphere and will also be practical.
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