Feel the Sensation of a Romantic Garden

Having a garden makes people always want to give the best to decorate the garden. Some people prefer decorating the garden with green design. This garden design is that it is planted some various green plants such as vegetable and fruit plants. Meanwhile, several people get interested in decorating the garden with a vintage design. A vintage garden definitely gives distinct sensation to the people because we seem to have flashback to the past by seeing vintage accessories and stuff in the garden. The vintage design is actually close to something old, antique and unique. To decorate the garden with vintage design, we do not need to purchase expensive furniture and accessories to the garden. Those can be got from a warehouse and an antique store.

When we want to decorate the garden with vintage romantic design, we can improvise the garden based on our ideas and plans. It is definitely that we need classical and vintage furniture to strengthen the vintage impression to the garden. We can put old and antique furniture in the garden such as a garden table set involving table and chair. The old furniture should color white or pink so that the vintage impression can shine. The furniture should be also made of wood, bamboo, and rattan because those are the suitable materials for making vintage design. It does not allow putting many types of furniture in the garden because it will make the garden look congested. To upgrade more vintage impression, vintage lights can be put in the garden. It will be romantic if the lights are put in the middle of the garden. Decorative plants also can be planted in the garden to upgrade vintage impression. Before planting the decorative plants, we can grow grasses to cover the land in the garden. The decorative plants including flowers which have soft colors are then planted in the garden. Soft flowers and green grasses create a great color combination to a romantic impression. The flowers to plant should be tulips, roses, and orchid.

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