Modern furniture: designing modern style house

Modern furniture: designing modern style house

Have you browsed through crowds of interior design magazines. You have covered kilometres, crossing both the corridors of megastores, is more intimate spaces of small furniture. Did you observe, with scrupulous attention, the furniture in the homes of relatives and friends.

Now you are well aware of what style you represent the most and is the perfect candidate to become the distinctiveness of your abode.

Ultimately, the House is the environment that welcomes us, protects, who knows everything about us, every little habit that reflects what we like, and even what we dream of doing. Buy the furniture is an important choice, almost like putting the ring on the finger of his girlfriend!

Modern furniture: tips and inspiration for decorating House modern style
Decorating a modern minimalist style means choosing elements rated abandon any reference to classical.

More precisely, the modern style has entered the collective imagination as an aesthetic characterized by geometric lines, extremely clean and free of ornamental trappings. The ornament is defined through metal or plastic well defined applications and distant light years from heavy classic effect, often determined by the woodwork.

Modern can therefore mean extreme purity in form and then in the subsequent choice of elements to insert into an apartment. The best modern design looks to alternative materials in his quest, preferring leagues plastics and resins in the structure of its components.

If you have opted for modern style, have been seduced by the simple lines and minimal, due to the possibility of evolving features and modularity, from unquestioned to which it lends.

Appreciated, therefore, an airy, not overflowing with furnishings (electrostatics), in which the colour contrasts are well designed and the materials used are always a touch of unprecedented originality.

The beauty of the modern style is, in particular, in the multiplicity of solutions that can be declined.

-Usually is associated with rigorous shapes, neutral colours and soft atmosphere, with just a few taps in dark shades.
-It is the expression of timeless elegance that invites relaxation and quiet, perfect for the living room, which is the ideal environment in which to place an object of important design or a contemporary work of art.

But there is also a modern style more witty and cheerful and vibrant colors, which covers metropolitan, combinations of materials and furniture solutions, decidedly alternative.

-It is a House from the soul of youth, for whom “boy” is inside out, or just inside, and if you have a playful and ironic approach to life, and, therefore, with the furniture.
-How not to adore a cuisine that ignite a lust for life and invitations to the imagination, allowing you to create unique dishes but you can, at the end of the preparation, safeguard hygiene and restore order quickly and easily, to begin the table later with funny and original solutions?

And finally, I would like to mention, selecting it among many, such an interpretation of the modern style is very delicate and sweet, characterized by simple lines but roundish, the use of pastel tones, by the insertion of textile components in fantasies minute or monochrome.

This type of furniture is well suited to the bedroom, where one gives a feminine, especially if you target a part of the environment to the vanity area.

But now we come to the individual units in your home with specific insights and advice from modern furniture

Modern furniture: kitchen
Furnish a contemporary style kitchen, means therefore prefer a definite structure, characterized by lacquers and a few metallic elements strictly geometrical. The finishes can be chosen between lacquered or satin, while the color palette to which draw watch and optical white gray shades undoubtedly clear. Decorating a modern kitchen winking at design, means preferring a few items selected, especially in well appliances and lighting in the plant.

Modern furniture: bedroom
The bedroom of a modern apartment must match the style. Many models are available in this style, which have a pure and often are covered with fabrics in neutral colors. Bedside tables and wardrobe can be retractable and decidedly satin metal details, enhanced only by linear. Also in the bedroom design can search a landing point in the choice of lighting. Accompany the environment with valuable pendant lights, wall sconces in the same line and for floor lamps, becomes useful and voted to enrich the whole room aesthetics.

Modern furniture: bathroom
We come finally to the sanctuary of the senses, and calling card of the House. The bathroom of a modern apartment design can be furnished with shower, enriched with many features dedicated to well-being. To maintain harmonious aesthetics, the dish must be wire shower and bathroom fixtures appear suspended. These solutions are really modern, as conceived and created to define the bathrooms from small, often found in homes of the last generation.

Modern furnishing: the living and the living room
Decorating a modern apartment means prefer elements devoted to the functionality but decidedly harmonics in their aesthetic. The living, the heart of family life, requires a designer sofa, chosen preferably in angular version with peninsula. The couch of this type is a real investment, as it allows both a pleasant rest which welcome guests in comfort. At the foot of the couch should not miss a short pile rug of excellent workmanship, chosen in modern geometry with unexpected tints. The coffee table and every other element of support must remember the structure of the kitchen, so green light to linear and simple elements, defined by modern fittings. In case of small spaces, the decoration of modern apartment can provide for the inclusion in the living of a chaise longue design and exploitation of the walls as your base of tv and multimedia appliances.

Modern furnishing: textiles and walls
Finally, let us not forget the importance to furnish modern of textile and color of the walls. The modern apartment must be defined with a choice of neutral colors, interspersed with personal color peaks. The brilliant violet and Red are colors that can cover small portions of the wall, adding a touch of vitality to the entire House.

At the same time the fabric do not have to tack to the romantic floral prints, so it is best to prefer neutral fabrics in natural colors. Let us remember that even accessories determine the style of a House. Paintings, vases, watches and every element of decorum can draw on the best modern design, to ensure a necessary stylistic continuity to the entire House.

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