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Tips for Improving Your Living Room with Vintage Design

Living room is important to entertain the guests. Most of people have invested much money to have the best living room in their house. The comfort of living room is actually the first consideration. If the living room looks dirty, messy and bad, the guest will feel uncomfortable immediately. A living room needs to have clear theme and concept in order that the furniture to beautify the room is right. Vintage design to our living room seems to be a theme that is needed to apply. It makes the room look classic and unique but still glamorous. Before applying the vintage design in the living room, we make sure that the location of furniture is right. It means that furniture products are placed in the suitable spot, for example, sofa should be placed close to the table. Meanwhile, the size of furniture should be suitable for the size of the living room. If the living room is small and narrow, it does not allow putting lots of furniture products.

To apply vintage design to our living room, we need to have a little renovation. Applying this design also can make people comfortable in the room. There are some supporting features to implement it. We have to combine some colors to the wall paint. The wall paint should be matching with the color of furniture in order to look harmonic. Beige color always looks elegant if it combines with dark colors or grey. In addition, we select vintage furniture such as table, cabinet, and sofa to place in the living room. We need to have supporting accessories to apply the vintage design. A small table which is called coffee table, vase, flowers, and pillow for sofa can be used to be the accessories. We should choose the color of those things that are suitable for wall, floor, and sofa in the living room. We can hang an ancient painting on the wall to upgrade the vintage look.

The Things Should You Do to Redecorate Vintage Design in Your Bathroom

A bathroom may be an important location in your house.  Remodeling a bathroom may give the high value of the house and it can satisfy the owners. Redecoration of bathroom actually is as not easy as a plan. People need to have a deal of the things to make over including theme and concept. Most of people prefer changing old things of the bathroom with the new one. Applying vintage design in bathroom gives distinct accent to the house. The bathroom will look interesting and antique with using simple decoration and vintage furniture. To create the antique impression, the people can hunt antique furniture and stuff in the warehouse or buying it in the vintage furniture shops. That furniture with vintage design can be used to be bathroom accessories. With patience and braveness to explore parts of bathroom, the people will have antique and unique bathroom in the house.

To create the bathroom with vintage design, there are some considerations. Finding out bathtub with vintage replication design is the first step to have vintage bathroom. It is better to look for porcelain or iron bathtub to upgrade oldies nuance and situation of the bathroom. To find this bathtub is relatively easy by hunting it in antique stores. Setting an antique sink with carving iron legs into the bathroom is important to complete the vintage design of the bathroom. The antique sink can be combined with porcelain wash basin.  Upgrading the vintage style of the bathroom with bathroom-hardware is the next step. We have to makes sure that those materials of bathroom-hardware do not corrode easily. Then, we need to hang antique accessories on the wall of the bathroom. Setting golden silk curtain can enhance the vintage atmosphere with helping red, white, blue, and green color to the wall of the bathroom. We can use flower-motif wallpaper to replace the paint of the bathroom. We also put the antique cabinet into the bathroom to store towels and bathroom things. It needs to put suitable sized cabinet to the bathroom in order it does not occur congested.