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Vintage Furniture Still Becomes Popular

Vintage fever has been spread in the world today. There are many things that have been labeled vintage. One of the things is furniture. People may not be strange anymore with vintage furniture. What comes across your mind with vintage furniture? Vintage furniture is furniture with vintage design and quite shabby. It is often called retro is trend furniture in the past years. It has fun and funky style. Though it is shabby, this is the esthetic value of the furniture. The typical features of vintage furniture are the furniture with bright color and dominant colors such as geometric and floral motif. The furniture with vintage design will be perfect to put into the vintage house.  It is still being popular today because many people get bored with minimalist furniture.

After knowing the vintage furniture, we need to know the features of vintage furniture in order that we have a wrong choice with the vintage furniture. There are some features and criteria of vintage furniture. Before buying the vintage furniture, we need to notice those criteria. To claim as antique furniture, the furniture needs to attain the age of thousand and hundred years old. This thing is differentiated with vintage furniture. If the antique furniture is old, the vintage furniture is not always old. The most important thing of vintage furniture is having ancient and vintage design. It belongs to vintage. Though furniture is very old without having ancient and vintage style and design, it cannot be regarded as vintage furniture. Generally vintage furniture construction is made of wood and metal. There are no vintage furniture products made of plastics or materials from company. The design of vintage furniture is sometimes following the trend a few years ago. The design of furniture in 1960s, for example, is applied to the new furniture and then it sells. That furniture can be categorized as vintage furniture.