Vintage Interior Is Timeless to Apply in Your Home

Back to the past is a thought that always comes across to the mind. The antiquity is often called vintage. For decades, it becomes an interesting attention of many people and it is almost applied in all aspects related to arts, fashion, culture including interior. The vintage here will be discussed in the interior area. It is linked to some inspiring and supporting ideas to decorate the house with vintage interior. The vintage interior usually uses solid and clear colors and brave pop art to color the house. A house with vintage design definitely will bring us flashback to the past. This design is very contrast with today design that will accentuate simplicity of the ornaments to use on the floor or wall. To decorate the house with vintage design, there are some efforts to do. People can put some dark and glowing things into the house. It can arouse glamorous and ancient in the house. The choice of materials can also enhance vintage atmosphere.  Decorating your house with vintage interior depends on the taste of everyone. They like vintage which looks pop, glamour or industrial. To have vintage design in the house, it is enough to give a vintage touch in foyer or family room.

There are some easy steps to decorate the house with vintage interior. We can hang old pictures and ancient paintings on the wall of living or family room to arouse vintage touch. The next step is choosing the suitable vintage decoration to the floor and wall. Vintage design of wall usually uses bright colors such as red, green, and pink in 1950s. Meanwhile, dark colors were popular in 1970s and also silver wallpaper was often used in 1960s. Two types of colors for floor which are designed that are similar to chess board and covering floor with carpet can be the choice to decorate the floor. We can add vintage furniture to upgrade the vintage impression for home interior.

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