Vintage Theme Accentuates a Unique Look of Your Home Flooring

Having a beautiful and stunning house is the dream of everyone. Moreover, if the house has a unique and antique design, it will make the ones who live inside the house feel more at home. To have a stunning house, most parts of the house must be well decorated, including the lower part of the house, the flooring. It is important because the floor can give a magnet for people to stay in the house. However, it is sometimes neglected by many people. They mostly give the best decoration for the bedroom or the living room, or the choice of wallpaper, etc. Decorating your house with vintage design seems to be something unique and distinct. If most of people have picked modern and contemporary tiles that can cost them quite a fortune, the vintage design on the flooring can easily applied without spending too much money.

The floor can be redecorated with the great landscaping, for example, using recycle things. The old and antique collection, such as antique rug or carpet, that you have can be used to cover the floor and it will give vintage look for anyone seeing it. If you do not want to re-use your old collection on your flooring design, then you can remodel your home and replace your flooring with wood flooring. The wood flooring accentuates the vintage impression than using ceramic tiles for the floor. You can choose dark wood flooring for practical reason, because the dark color can cover dirt. To make the floor look rustic, we can combine vintage decorations on the room, such as a unique vase, old porcelain, and a decorative vintage lamp. A tall floor lamp can be added to give a vintage and old impression to the room and it will also bring up the vintage theme from the flooring. The lower parts of the lamp are usually made of finishing wood. The vintage lamp floor is a matching home decoration to combine with your antique flooring or wood flooring so that the vintage impression of the floor feels more real and obvious.

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